Hi. I'm Janet.

I'm a coach and creator of Free Once Again Live! 90 Days to Playing Your New Game of Life with Ease after 50.  

I have a question ~ you smart, introverted, wise woman:

If there was a way to make the second half of your life even juicier than your first, without years of trial, error, and worry about how to figure it out, would you finally have the confidence to let your quiet quirky shine?

Fabulous! You are in the exact right place. 

living your natural style makes you happy.

It's never too late to live Your Exceptional Life.

Does this sound like you:

You entered the world in joy, as all babies do. You took your first big breath and cried out, “OK world! Here I am!”  Then, you began adjusting. 

You were a quiet girl, but your mind was going 100 miles an hour.  You adjusted when the more rambunctious kids got attention.  You adjusted when your feelings were minimized. You adjusted to survive neglect and trauma. 

You became careful, considerate, conscientious, and competent.

After all, you were the quiet one.  You took it all in, and used your observational superpowers to accomplish the goals you set in life.

But here’s the thing:  Now, at mid-life, your extremely smart and competent mind is holding you back.  

You're restless. You have been waiting a long time - too long - to  feel fully alive. You waited through your career, raising kids, or relationships that sort of worked.

You want your next chapter to be bold.
You know you have more to express, but you're not sure what it is.
You can't imagine living without a sense of purpose, but  you've lost your way

That feeling of aliveness is so close. You just need to reach for it.

It's your time to be Free Once Again.

The life you should be living starts now.

Janet Kodish

I want you to shine.

Free Once Again is a community for women who have done good work in the world and are now ready to discover what gives them joy - and make this the foundation of their lives.

I've spent decades on this path myself. Here are some things I've seen that make me sad:

  • Women spending years in their head, waiting for everything to line up before they start living the live they really want.
  • Women thinking they need to figure their life out alone.
  • Women thinking that they should be responsible, sensible, and reasonable in what they ask of life.

Life can be so simple when you:

  • Release your self-doubt and second-guessing - over one long weekend!
  • Get out of your head and into your feelings, which leads to getting into joy.
  • Get clarity about what you want in life.
  • Draw confidence and connection from your Coach and Free Once Again tribe - so you never have to go it alone again.
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