A Pledge for Caregivers Who Care Too Much

You know the old saying, "A woman's work is never done?" Let's declare that over, OK?  

On this Labor Day, I'm thinking about the caregivers, most of them women, who work long unpaid hours. I'm talking about the women who give so much of their life away in loving, and sometimes resentful, duty.

I've been a member of that group.

Relentless caregiving to others, without giving care to yourself, is a sure-fire path to depletion, depression, and loss of connection with the very loved ones that you are helping, not to mention yourself.

So, for Labor Day, I wrote a manifesto for the women who are working so hard and leaving so little for themselves. I invite you to take the pledge! ​

If you are not a caregiver, please offer a friend an ear and a helping hand.  Your caring heart means the world to her.