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Your Life Needs a Lover

You know the giddy feeling of being smitten?  You’re attracted to a special someone. You can feel it when your stomach flips as you meet their eyes. You notice it in your awkward attempts to impress. There’s so much you don’t know about this person and you’re so pulled towards deeper knowing. You want to […]

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Autumn, Renewal, and the Power of Positive Ritual

What’s your favorite season?  Autumn is mine.  I get a thrill as the dusty leaves of summer fall away to reveal the structure of my maple tree, one branch grown larger, one pruned away, but still the tree, older, stronger, ready for renewal. Renewal is on my mind this week because we’re right in the middle […]

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Get What You Want By Getting Clear

“I don’t know what I want,” Ben said. “I just know I want more direction for my future.” Ben (not his real name) is in his fifties, a high-achieving professional who is trying to decide when to retire. He’s smart, funny, caring, and a leader in his field, but he has been feeling unsatisfied recently. […]

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