life just flows when you are 

Life-Transforming Question for Quietly Accomplished Women over 50
who, despite years of hard-won wisdom
still aren't
Living the Life they Love:

If there was a way to make your next years the most joyful, vital and
juicy time of your life, without wasting time in waiting, planning, 
and crippling self-doubt . . .

Would you finally feel confident enough to return your overdue “Find Your
Purpose after 50” books and 
make living an inspired life your #1 priority right now?

Here's Why Anything Short of
"Hell yes, I am Available for That!" 
simply won't do.

Reason #1: You have already put in the time.   

You've given at the office and you've given at home. Giving of yourself made sense when you were just starting out. But now the kids are launched. Now your career feels like an itch that can't be scratched. Now successful is no longer satisfying.  Enough already.

Reason #2: You are too smart to sweep your desire under the rug.

The message from the world is, "be satisfied."  You have enough.  You have a good life.

The world doesn't know you. You know the difference between satisfied, settling, and scrumptious. (Add "vocabulary" to the things you're good at.)

Here's the thing: If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT -

That you have something deep within you that needs to be expressed before you die,


That your lovely, smart, introverted brain is wired to keep you in waiting mode FOREVER,

Then keep reading, because this story could be about you, and you get to choose your ending.

Does this Sound Like You?

You are so ready to step out, to let go of responsibility, to breathe, relax, release, explore.

You are so ready to become your fullness as a woman, a woman wise and fully alive.

You have ideas:  For years you've wanted to start a business or non-profit, go for that big promotion, or kill the commute and live life on your own terms.

You are so ready - and yet you stop.

You second guess. You wonder:

What I want is so elusive - how do I define it?

I can’t go off on a wild goose chase. How do I pin what I want down?

How do I get from here (wherever that is) to there (wherever that might be)?

How do I get from knowing what I want, to knowing how to get it?

How do I get from wanting, to knowing WHO I want to be?

Wanting, to knowing WHO I really am?

Wanting and wanting, longing and waiting for lightning to strike.

You hear your mother's voice in your head:  "Be careful! Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." Your father's voice:  "Life is for working."

Careful, careful, careful, quiet, careful. You have a good life. Why can't you just settle?

You can't settle. Your spirit won't let you settle.

You think:

I wish I could be free of this endless questioning.

I wish there was a place to just BE.

I wish I could show up exactly as I am, right now.

("Will you take me as I aaam?" I love you, Joni!)

Take me and let me play.

Let me discover.

Let me release these damn questions.  

Let me experience wholeness. Connectedness. Being-aliveness.

"Where can I get that, Ms. Joni?" you ask. "What do I need to do to feel free?"

Hi, I'm Janet. Aliveness was what I longed for when I was 50,
before I decided it was time to transform my life.

You Deserve to Write

Your Own Ending.

It is so completely fine that you don't have it "all figured out."

It is totally normal to still be toting your parents around in your head. They are your oldest model, after all.

In fact, not having it figured out is perfect.  You don’t need to waste one more precious minute spinning scenarios or keeping that old judgmental voice satisfied.

Because here's the thing:   It's not like you've been waiting under a bush waiting for nirvanna (no, not that Nivanna). You've been busy. You've been raising children, growing your career, taking care of your relationships, and hopefully taking care of yourself.  You've been figuring life out all along.  

You know yourself well. You are wise. Underneath the worry and the "shoulds," you already know what you want. 

  • You want to be free to do as you please, without sacrificing the next 10 years of your life to get there.
  • You want to be creating, not toiling.
  • You want to be fulfilled, not frustrated.
  • You want to be seen, not conforming to fit in.
  • You want to be relaxed, not responsible.
  • You want to be loved, not worried.

And at this point in your life, you feel like you’ve earned the right to honor your natural rhythms - sleeping in late, taking the dog for long walks in the middle of the day, and staring into space without feeling that you need to snap out of it. 

“I'll take care of it,” shouldn’t be required when every fiber of your being is screaming for alone time.

“When I retire” shouldn’t be the answer to the inspired vision that tugs on your heart.

“I’m too tired,” shouldn’t be the response to invitations to lighten up and play.


Worry about what comes next for you should be replaced with ease and play, celebrating the small life shifts that add up to big intimacy, connection, and joy.

Five Common Reasons You May Be Waiting to Make Your Move

You've got a case of Facebook envy.

Elmer is your middle name.

Falling in love with your life sounds like a guilty pleasure.

You are waiting for your ducks to line up.

You're going it alone.

Discover your Best Self through the Energy of Play

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that if you want to live an inspired life you absolutely must commit to aligning your life with what your heart truly desires for you.

The question you may be asking is, "How?"

The FREE to PLAY™ framework that I’m about to share with you shows you the simple method for creating your inspired live - and for keeping it going OVER THE LONG TERM.


You already know that books and frameworks can only take you so far, because it's up to you to actually DO THE THING they recommend.  They still leave you on your own. As you can guess by now, I'm a big believer in not going it alone.


That's why I created FREE to PLAY™ Live! It's designed FTP Live! specifically for high-achieving women who are committed to BEING their dream out loud, in community, right now.

Imagine what can become possible for you when you shift into "I am Ready to Play!" mode. Things like:

The HeART of Play
  • Taking off on  worldwide adventures, despite the inner voice telling you to wait to get your spouse on board. Then inspiring your sister to do the same!
  • Bringing your own product to market after years of planning and self-doubt.
  • Creating peace with your father after years of discord - just by shifting how you show up on the phone.
  • Standing up for yourself on the job and saying “no more!” to demands that were sapping the passion from your career.
  • Contributing your finely-honed writing experience to generate thousands of dollars for your community - while still having time for the city rambles and bike rides you love.


Experiencing your life possibilities blossom when you discover that the purpose of life lies not in what you are doing, but in who you are being every day.

These dreams came true for my clients, and they can for you too. 

About Janet

I work with smart, successful women who are ready to discover the joy of living Free Once Again, in tune with the natural rhythms of play.

I'm also a seriously successful introvert who left my full-time career to finally do work that felt 100% ME. My journey led through experiments in leading whole-hearted organizations (getting out of my practical head) and freeing my self-expression by releasing old family trauma. (I thought was was DONE with that in my 30's!)

Now I coach and lead retreats with women, mostly introverts, who are ready to Play their New Game of Life - to let their juicy, vulnerable, delighted heart lead them into long-deferred ventures, or simply into playing by their own rules. Starting NOW! Because life is

I live with my wife, my dog Dexter, and 3 garden cats in Oakland, California, where I spend as much time as possible staring at the horizon.

PS: I have LP, CD, and Spotify versions of  Joni Mitchell's"California."

Janet Kodish

Creator, FREE to PLAY

I'm now living with intention and zest.

Janet has been by my side step by step, an attentive and encouraging sounding board for my ideas and a wise resource for growth and change. I began with a pretty good understanding of what I'm good at and what I care about, but working with Janet helped me tap into an essential third dimension: What energizes and engages me? What's my 'mojo'?

I'm now living with intention and zest, drawing not only on Janet's self-discovery exercises but also on her tips for 'staying on the path.'

Karen Rhodes

Now accepting applications for 2019.



Living your natural self means giving yourself Permission to 1) envision the life that pleases you and 2) make it so! 

How You Get There:

We start by showing up exactly as we are. Then we use carefully crafted expressive experiences (AKA Play) that get you into your body and invite your naturally free spirit to emerge.  You allow your Feelings to flow, and Release the fear, doubt, and worries that naturally come up when you reach for what feels good and risky.


Next, you Envision the life that aligns with your spirit. Then we invite your head to join with your heart as you take SPECIFIC steps to Embody your New Game of Life.  And celebrate falling in love with your life again! 

Your Invitation to

90 Days to Living Your Inspired Life

Free to Play! Live! gives you everything you need to step into the life you love NOW:

  • 1
    Freedom:  Experience the natural joy that is your birthright when you express yourself without limits.
  • 2
    Clarity: Get crystal clear on what matters to you and what gets in your way of getting the life you love.
  • 3
    Confidence: Know in your bones that you have what it takes to get what you want - and deserve it!
  • 4
    Design: Create your New Game of Life which is your blueprint for taking creative and purposeful action.  
  • 5
    Action: Take action (with my compassionate coaching accountability) to put your game into play.
  • 6
    Connection: Be held in a loving and challenging container of support with women just like you, every step of the way.  

The FTP Live! Program:

I designed Free to Play Live! especially for accomplished, quietly creative women. The program includes three retreats plus ongoing coaching over a full 90 days to guide your transformation.

Two Virtual Retreats.

We begin and end with virtual retreats. Retreat #1 prepares you for the live experience. Retreat #2 supports you as you move into action.

Three-day Live Retreat

held in Oakland, California. Think of this as recess time for your soul. Discover the freedom that comes when you let your free expression lead your life.

Your New Game of Life Playbook

Take home a beautiful created-by-you playbook that you will return to again and again as you live into your new game of life.

What You Will Learn:

The FREE to PLAY Method for Creating Your New Game of Life.
  • A simple 3-step method for getting clarity by tuning into your body, feelings, and thoughts. 
  • How to to unleash your self-expression and release the inner messages that hold you back. 
  • A fun game for discovering your internal compass for making life decisions.
  • How to synthesize all that you discover about yourself into your new Game of Life - your road map to your future.
Life Skills for Playing Your Game of Life.
  • A life-changing framework to get you out of frustration and overwhelm and into possibility. 
  • A simple two-question method for clarifying your boundaries - and making them work for you . 
  • How to be fully present, natural, and truthful with the people you love and work with. 
  • The Universal Law of Sacrifice, and how using it properly propels you towards your goals.
The Quiet Way:  Life Practices for Maximizing Your Introvert Superpowers
  • How the introvert brain is wired, and why talking off the top of your head doesn't work for you. 
  • How to get sh#t done your way - by aligning your day,  your week, and your calendar with your natural introvert rhythm
  • You may be an Ambivert!  How to liberate yourself from labels and feel at home wherever you are .
  • How to claim the Crown Jewels of the Quiet Queen!

Take me as I am.

Take me and let me play.

Let me Discover. 

Let me release the old, tired, stuff that holds me back.  

Let me experience Freedom. 



And then. . .

From that place - that place of Wholeness, Aliveness, Me-ness,

let me create my New Game of Life.

This is Free to Play Live!

This is the Energy of Play.  

Request Your Invitation Today

The women who are selected to participate in Free to Play Live! demonstrate a commitment to their personal transformation and growth. If you want more from life than just getting by, if you want to feel fully, vibrantly, juicily alive, request an invite for full program details and to schedule a Discovery Call.

One conversation can change your life.

Is Free to Play Live! Right for You?

Free to Play! is for You If You are Ready To:

  • Commit to falling in love with your life.
  • Play, laugh, experiment, and have fun.
  • Support other women in playing their best game.       
  • Be present with strong feelings - yours and others.

Free to Play! is NOT FOR You If you:

  • Are unable to support others with your compassionate presence.
  • Are not interested in releasing what is holding you back.
  • Cannot commit to attending all 3 retreats (details in invite).       
  • Are unable to laugh.

I've opened my heart and mind.

Janet's caring curiosity helped me explore my goals around my career and my family. With her support my communications have become more purposeful and positive. I've learned that self care is not in conflict with caring for others.

I've been able to open my heart and my mind to possibilities.


Now accepting applications for 2019.

She got me started on the path I want to go.

I have known Janet Kodish for more than 15 years and I strongly believe that she is the most natural, top notch coach that anyone could ask for. I wish I could have had her help me earlier in life, but I'm so glad to have connected with her for this now. She is knowledgeable, professional, insightful, inspiring and fun to boot. Her questions will make you think, and her advice will help you act. I so appreciate how she got me get started on the path that I wanted to go, and I want to continue working with her as much as possible.

Mark Hayden ... Entrepreneur

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. 

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,

because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~ Howard Thurman