Fall in Love with Your Life after 50

Free your heart through intuitive play.

Join us for Four Weeks in the
Hearts in Play Virtual Studio

Does this sound like you?

  • You long to feel juicy and energized - from the inside out.
  • You feel like you’re living life at 80% - and you want your full 100% - or more!
  • Your kids, job, or spouse are gone and you’re ready to play a new game of life.
  • You’re seeking creativity and adventure but don’t know where to start.
  • You have a secret desire to feel fully loved, joyful, and abundant - and feel a little guilty for wanting so much.

I created this new program  just for you.

  • Each live workshop is highly interactive, with fun art projects and soulful Playsheets that bring you home to your natural self.
  • Have to miss a session? No problem! You'll get a replay link for the live training and PlaySheets, good for 4 full days.
  • You'll have my personal support in live Q&A sessions, and join a group of like-minded women who are discovering their new game of life.  Also - prizes!!

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

It starts with unleashing your playful heart.

When You Join the Hearts in Play Studio:

  • You will have everything you need to live out loud, boldly, fully yourself, each and every day.
  • You will be crystal clear about what matters to you - and how to make it so.
  • You'll learn a 3-step process to follow your intuitive wisdom when your ego gets in the way .
  •  You'll be welcomed into a community of like-minded women living juicy lives - just like you! 
  • You will make things that surprise and delight you and the ones you love.

Playful, Vital You

"Play is the work of childhood," said psychologist Jean Piaget. When play is shut down, we get stuck. Experience the ease that  comes from unleashing your vital heart.

Playful, Creative You

You'll learn why you don’t need to be “artsy” to tap your creativity. In fact you have a secret creative power that you'll start using everywhere!

Playful, Juicy You

You’ll be be surprised when I show you how setting aside a few minutes a day for yourself will shift your life energy into high gear. The effect on your loved ones is amazing!


  • Light your feminine heart on fire with an easy, do-at-home craft that will become your life guide.
  • Learn why intuitive play is the surest path to living your life (not your sister’s or anyone else's!)
  • Download a simple method for knowing whether you are following your heart -and what may be stopping you.


  • Outwit the devils in your head which hurt your heart and keep you living small . . .
  • . . . And learn the 4 times when being devilish is exactly what your heart desires!
  • Download the Heartbeat Scan that shows you where your wise heart wants to play next.


  • Grab your camera for this fun game that will add pleasure to your life  in just a minute a day.
  • Learn the 2 Energy Secrets that will transform what you believe is possible for you in your life. (This is a must-see training!)
  • Download a simple tool to track your life energy and pinpoint where you need some good old-fashioned self-love.


  • We'll close with an art project that brings your month of discoveries together and inspires you to live the life you deserve - starting now!
  • ​Learn the 5 categories of people you need in your life - and what to do about the ones who can keep your love boat stuck on shore.
  • Download a simple 4-step framework for loving your glorious life so much that you never settle for “good enough” again.

Play Your Way Into Your Heart.


Hi, I’m Janet Kodish, founder of Free Once Again, and I can’t wait to introduce you to Smitten for Life!

I created this free program because virtually all of my coaching clients want more free expression, adventure, boldness, and love in their lives.

Loving ourselves and others is a pretty universal desire.  I've been seeking this my entire life.

A recovering work-a-holic, I thought that retirement would bring me ease, but I brought my sense of uber-responsibility with me. I thought that living with purpose meant working hard and being responsible to fix anything that could, would, or might possibly go wrong. A lot of things went wrong when I was a kid.  

Can you relate?  Does the word “play” sounds frivolous or even lazy? Did you perhaps learn some hard lessons in childhood that are still with you today? Lessons that keep calling you away from the live you were meant to live?

Everything shifted when I got a coach and realized that “working hard” was my old way of staying safe. I discovered that letting my head run the show meant living in worry. I got curious about what would be possible if my heart was in charge. What would life feel like if it was a game I said "yes" to? 

Now, through workshops, retreats, and individual coaching, I get to play with awesome clients who are creating their new game of life.  

I invite you to grab some scissors and a glue stick and join us!  Four weeks can change your life.

From the heart,

PS: I believe that the world would be a much different place if it was made for everyone to be their natural, freely expressed self. We need wise women leading the way. With a giggle of delight. Let's do this!