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How to Hold onto Your Boundaries

Do you ever feel like your boundaries get crossed when you start to live from what you really want in life? Do you ever begin the week excited to sign up for that class you’ve been meaning to take, or go on your favorite hike? Then when you look back the week was filled with […]

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Start Your Next Act with a Gap Year

Have you ever dreamed of giving yourself an entire year to experiment with your life? Yes? Have you packed that dream away? If not, what stopped you? Sometimes what stops us is our assumption that we have to do something Big. We think that “experimenting” means leaving the family to sail around the world, or some […]

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Follow these 4 Steps to Energize Yourself at Any Age

In this post I show you four steps to energize yourself so that you end your day feeling strong, as if your day hummed along, no matter the obstacles in the way. Get this down and nothing will eclipse your sun!   Getting Energized   We all know that every living thing on earth needs energy to […]

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Get What You Want By Getting Clear

“I don’t know what I want,” Ben said. “I just know I want more direction for my future.” Ben (not his real name) is in his fifties, a high-achieving professional who is trying to decide when to retire. He’s smart, funny, caring, and a leader in his field, but he has been feeling unsatisfied recently. […]

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